Thursday, 6 March 2014

Welcome and why?

Welcome to Sweeping Leaves, the blog from Hugh Jones Consulting.

Why Sweeping Leaves?  To my mind, this is what a lot of management and leadership is about - sweeping leaves on a windy day.  You want to make the place nice and tidy; you've got a good broom, but the wind keeps on scattering the leaves, old and new, back to where you've just swept.  It's a constant task.  Almost Sisyphean.

Management can be like that too - just when things are 'nice and tidy' - you've got the right team doing the right things to get the right results - something changes.  Maybe a new team member.  Maybe a new external challenge.  Maybe an oportunity.  And all of a sudden things don't quite work.  If you recognise this, then I hope you'll see why Sweeping Leaves is what I've called this blog.

Sweeping leaves will be a resource for you.  I'll be posting on topics around higher education leadership and management; on higher education policy and politics in the UK; and also posting resources, every now and again, that I hope you'll want to make use of.  Think of me and the Sweeping Leaves blog as your assistant gardener.

Happy sweeping!

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