Friday, 21 November 2014

All of the blogs that I've written so far ...

I thought an index of posts it might be useful – I haven’t really got the archive sidebar working as well as it should, and over the months there have been some posts which people tell me they’ve found quite interesting.

The ‘Sweeping leaves’ metaphor explained
The impact of social media on teaching practices
On scale and professional service costs in UK higher education, using HESA data.
How to get more from the data you already have, without spending a fortune
Three ways to stop the future sneaking up on you unnoticed
A history lesson, plus the Manchester economics students and their demanding behaviour
Or, things I wish I’d known when first I started managing staff
About the OFT reviews of competition in UK higher education
About information for applicants and students, and how to get it right
About how to make shared services work
About management information and student numbers, and not getting confused
On the funding of higher education in the UK
What UCAS data tells us about the rise of alternative providers
Idealism and free higher education
On frameworks for information about taught postgraduate degrees, and why this might matter more than you think
How lean thinking and Standard Operating Procedures can make a big difference
Ructions in higher education governance and funding in Wales
Capital spending by UK universities
On MOOCs and how they might be challenging existing models for higher education
How to make a collaboration work
Analysis on the dependency of UK universities on overseas student fee income
Further data and analytical work on this topic, with a link to a download
On contextual admissions to universities, and two things to do to really help widening participation
On student power and remuneration committees
A really whizzy technology which might help free up space in universities
On gender balance (or in fact, the lack of it) in University senior management teams
Problems with plans to sell student debt to universities
Patterns of doctoral study in the UK, and why it’s like the Football Premier League
On the adoption by UK universities of US style academic job titles
How competition law changes mean a change to the nature of the student contract
Do universities forget that motivating students is part of their brief?
Patterns of student movement within the UK – or why England and Scotland have sustainable HE systems, and Wales and NI do not
How alternative providers are, and are not, challenging ‘traditional’ universities
Tips for dealing with a student occupation
The impact on research of Scottish independence
Globalization and language skills in university management teams
A rebuttal of a cheap article in the Telegraph
How university governance and management has lessons for the post-referendum UK political scene
Universities and sports sponsorship
All about the consultation on future QA arrangements
How graduation explains (almost) everything about university administration
Explaining KPI’s, and why staff-costs-as-a-percentage-of-income is so important
On the University of Sheffield’s abolition of library fines
EBITDA – Earnings Before Interest, Taxation, Depreciation and Amortization - demystified
On proposed Scottish legislation about university governing bodies

In compiling this I remembered the range of subjects I’ve covered. I hope you’re finding them useful. Let me know if there’s a topic you’d like to see!

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