Thursday, 18 August 2016

Four nations

One of my most rewarding professional duties is acting as Programme Lead for the AUA's Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Administration, Management and Leadership.

Its the time of year for updating programme materials, and its clear that we need to give more guidance around the diverging higher education systems of the four nations. To that end, I've drafted - for comment by you, dear reader - a one page summary of some of the critical differences. You can find it on the resources page of my website.

This is the sort of thing which is made much better by criticism, and so I'd be very grateful for any feedback you might have. Is it accurate? What important differences are missing? How could it be better presented? and so on. If you'd like to, either leave comments on this post, or email them to me: I'd be very grateful!

Thank you!


  1. Hi Hugh, as few minor comments for you.
    - I don't think that CUC is as well known as all the other acronyms used, and it is the only one not defined anywhere in the document. Is this intentional?
    - I have learned a new acronym from reading this, i didn't know that "rUK" was "Rest of the UK" - but i do now!
    - Have you considered hyperlinking the document to key resources?

  2. Many thanks, Charlotte -good points all, and I'll address them in the final version. Thanks also for sharing the LinkedIn post - the more that see it, the more likely that we'll get a good version.