Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The people have spoken

The votes are in, and there’s a clear favourite: the book I write should be about the future for professional services in higher education.

It's a start, anyway ...
Over 55% went for that option; nearly 40% for the option of organisational change in higher education; and 5% said I should write something else entirely.

A lot of people also highlighted – correctly – that there’s an overlap between the topics. Or at least a causality. If the future of higher education is one of change, then let’s get the organisational change right. Conversely, change is better when the reasons for it are correctly identified.

So perhaps there’s room for two books here. But one at a time seems like a good rule, so I’ll go with the will of the people.

I’ll be setting up a dedicated website for the new book, and a mailing list so that you can stay specifically in touch about that. (In due course there’ll probably be one of those sign-up widgets but in the meantime, if you’d like to receive weekly emails from me about the book, drop me a line: hugh @ …)

That means that this blog here will continue to focus on broad topics of interest. Who knows, maybe even managing organisational change in higher education might show its face from time to time.

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